Each September, the nation recognizes prostate cancer awareness month to help defeat the third leading cause of cancer deaths among men. An estimated 27,000 husbands, sons, brothers, fathers, and grandfathers will lose their lives to prostate cancer in 2017.

An Ohio resident has been hard at work to ensure that these proclamations are renewed annually. Linda Hoetger has spoken with local leaders to remind communities of the pain and suffering of prostate cancer. As a result, more than 400 Mayors, Legislators, City Council Members, and Town/Village managers and County Commissioners will issue a proclamation or resolution declaring September prostate cancer awareness month.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Chuy's Tex Mex

Pete's favorite place to eat!

What does mom have too much of??? Time on her hands!!!!

Why a walnut?

There is a significance to why. The walnut is the size of a normal prostate. In 2009 my husband was diagnosed with an aggressive for of the disease. We attend a support group and one meeting the group leader sent around a plain walnut. I sat there looking at the walnut and as you can see I got creative the very next day with some of my own! At first they did not look like the Generation now. Petey has been many changes in the past 8 years. When I started it was just the Petey and then it grew to making scenes with him. Many times I can find what I need at the stores but if I can't design mode again.

When my husband was first diagnosed I could have sat back and done nothing and feel sorry for myself as my life has changed as well. But as you can see I chose to use my creativity for good.

Though Petey will not be big and famous in every ones eyes those who are battling the disease or lost their battle his is big and famous in their hearts!