Each September, the nation recognizes prostate cancer awareness month to help defeat the third leading cause of cancer deaths among men. An estimated 29,430 husbands, sons, brothers, fathers, and grandfathers will lose their lives to prostate cancer in 2018.

An Ohio resident has been hard at work to ensure that these proclamations are renewed annually. Linda Hoetger has spoken with local leaders to remind communities of the pain and suffering of prostate cancer. As a result, Mayors, Legislators, City Council Members, and Town/Village managers and County Commissioners will issue a proclamation or resolution declaring September prostate cancer awareness month.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Because of you...

When we first started our Journey with prostate cancer, I felt so alone. Then I started sharing what it was like being a Caregiver and what we are going through as a Couple. I am very grateful that my husband is so open when it comes to talking about his prostate cancer.  We both feel it is so important to put a face with the disease. While doing so there are many times when I hear from other families of prostate cancer. Because of you I have started talking more! Because of you I share my story also.

It does not matter where we are if someone wants to talk about prostate cancer we will listen. I take Petey with me all the time. When we are at a restaurant and an opportunity arises for Petey to do a photo. Out he comes! Then people will see him and start talking or run the other way. Sometimes people know why a walnut and other times they get curious and ask.

If Petey gets people talking I am all for it!

Stow, Ohio 2016

Thank you Mayor Sara Kline and the City of Stow for your support with National Prostate Cancer Awareness month in September. The Prostate Cancer Community and I appreciate it more than you can imagine!

Rally for the Ranch

Today Petey went to a Rally for the Ranch Car Show. We ran into a Survivor who had a 1963 Jaguar in the show.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Our fundraiser page

How often do you hear would you like to donate or would you like to roundup for Prostate Cancer? I never have heard it. Petey and I have started our own fundraiser. The money raised goes directly to ZERO The End of Prostate Cancer. We have set a goal of $250.00 and if we exceed that we would forever be grateful.
If you would like to know more about ZERO The End of Prostate Cancer check out their website at www.zerocancer.org

Checkout lanes

Seems like just about everyday Grocery stores as asking if you would like to Donate or Roundup for some kind of Cause. But they never as you if you want to Donate or Roundup for Prostate Cancer! September is National Prostate Cancer Awareness month and every year no word is mentioned or asked. 
Petey is ready to accept your $1.00 donation or more. Please donate to ZERO The End of Prostate Cancer.

ZERO Summit 2017

Soon we will find out the dates for the ZERO Summit 2017. I can't wait since 2012 we have been attending the Summit and Lobbying on Capitol Hill. There are many Advocates from all over the Country coming to Washington, DC to share our Journeys with elected officials from our states.

While sharing our Journeys with them they also share their Journeys with us or a family member is battling this horrible disease as well. The goal that we are seeking on Capitol Hill is that Senators and Congress fight to keep the Prostate Cancer Funding in the FY Budget and not cut it. We as Survivors, Caregivers and Families need to know that the funding will be available to find a Cure one day. Sadly 30,000 men will die from Prostate Cancer and with out the funding it will climb even higher.

If you are interested in attending the Summit or would like to know more about ZERO The End Of Prostate Cancer go to www.zerocancer.org

We would love to see you at the Summit 2017

Veterans Center Care Days

Each month the Columbus VA has a Veterans Center Care Days. Vendors are invited to attend to share their services to the Veterans. I have had a table for the most part unless something comes up. 
The great part of dong this is that I can share what Ray, I and Petey do for ZERO and encourage them to also join us as ZERO Champions. 
As you can see from the pictures on the table we have met with Senator Brown, Senator Portman, Congressman Racceni and our biggest supporter Congresswoman Beatty. She has shared with Congress and others on my efforts in raisng awareness for Prostate Cancer.  Each year with ZERO we attend the Summit and on the last day we meet with our elected officials on Capitol Hill. The pictures with the Senators and Congressman was taken on the Hill. Congresswoman Beatty was taken at her Town Hall meeting on May 3, 2016. 

St. Bernard, Ohio 2016

Good morning Linda. I would like you to know that the Village of St. Bernard, OH is happy to accept your challenge Landmark Blue for Prostate Cancer Awareness month. As our Mayor, John Estep is also a prostate cancer survivor he is very supported of this cause.

Cheryl Abrams

Administrative Assistant to the Mayor
Village of St. Bernard
110 Washington Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45217
513-242-7770 [office]
513-616-3412 [cell]

St. Marys, Ohio 2016

The City of St. Marys will be happy to do a Prolamation.  We will send it to you within the next couple of weeks.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Holgate, Ohio 2016

All the Proclamations and Resolutions have different meanings to me. But this one had an extra special meaning. I was tracing my family tree not to long ago and learned the my G-G-G Grandfather was the Mayor Benjamin Wellington Justus of Holgate in 1906. I asked the current Mayor for a Proclamation and just got word back that he is doing one in September.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Athens, Ohio 2016

Thank you Tom Smith for your help with getting Athens Proclamation. 
Thank you Mayor Steve Patterson and the City of Athens for your support in raising awareness for Prostate Cancer!
Tom Smith 

Friday, July 22, 2016

Marion, Ohio 2016

Thank you Mayor Scott Schertzer and the City of Marion for your support in raising awareness for prostate cancer in 2016!

Mayors and Council Members I need your support

Today will start my Challenge to Mayors and Council Members for National Prostate Cancer Awareness month in September. I am asking that you Challenge other Mayors and Council Members in your surrounding Cities and Villages to also sign a Proclamation or Resolution for National Prostate Cancer Awareness. There are over 180,000 men battling Prostate Cancer, many will not share that they have the disease and suffer in silence. Raising awareness in your Community help others understand what the men and families are going through and remind men the importance of getting tested and talking with their doctors. Prostate Cancer is not an Old Man's disease as it can strike at any age! It knows no boundries of Age, Race, Life Style.
As the Wife of a Survivor and Mom of four Sons I will do what ever it takes to raise awareness for prostate cancer. It was difficult enough hearing that my Husband was diagnosed at 56 with an aggressive form of the disease. It would be even worse to hear one or of my Sons tell us that they have been diagnosed.
          September is National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month
Whereas, 1 in 7 men will get prostate cancer sometime in his lifetime and
Whereas, Veterans are 1.5 times more likely to get prostate cancer
Whereas, prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed form of cancer and the second leading cause of cancer related deaths among men; and
Whereas, this year approximately 180,890 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in the United States alone every year – that’s one man every 2.9 minutes and roughly 26,120 die this year from the disease – which is one man every 20 minutes; and
Whereas, African American men are at the highest risk for the disease with a rate of 1 in 4 men. African American men are 2.5 times more likely to die from the disease: and
Whereas, Education regarding prostate cancer and early detection strategies is critical to saving lives and preserving and protecting our families; and
Whereas, all men are at risk for prostate cancer and we encourage the citizens of (City) to increase the importance of prostate screenings.


"On June 19, 2009, my husband was diagnosed with an aggressive prostate cancer. Ray was 56 years old when he was diagnosed, with no family history that we are aware of. I knew that a support group is what we needed, families who are dealing with the same disease as us. I found one, and after attending the first meeting we were overwhelmed with the support of the members who welcomed us with open arms.

Now armed with more information about treatment options, Ray was able to make a decision that best suited him. We did research on the options available and knew the pros and cons of the treatments. I was there to support his decision no matter what he chose. The option that he chose was robotic surgery and the date was October 12, 2009. That day we had another anniversary to celebrate: the day Ray became a SURVIVOR of prostate cancer. Even though he became a survivor, we are still dealing with the disease. After the surgery, the doctor came out to tell me that the surgery was over, but the cancer had escaped the prostate and into the lymph nodes.

At the post-op appointment, the PSA test came back within a normal range. But we are not out of the woods yet, the first 5 years are critical for reoccurrence. Every three months we have the waiting period of the return of the PSA results. My anxiety and depression increases until the test is back and then relieved to hear that it's less than 0.01 or undetectable!

No family should have to go through this when there could be more research done to find a cure. Earlier testing is very important and could save lives and grief. Since prostate cancer has become part of my life I take every opportunity to help bring awareness. I have started a group on Facebook called Prostate Cancer Survivors, Caregivers, and Friends United. I will do whatever it takes to help win this battle of prostate cancer not only for my husband and sons but for other families as well."


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Facebook group

When we first started our Journey with Prostate Cancer I felt so alone like so many others. I can honestly say that I did not know anything about this horrible disease as no one will talk about it. In the beginning my sons did not want to hear what was going on as I would post things on my personal Facebook page sharing information of what we were going through at that time. A few times I was asked to stop posting. I said No this is our life now if you do not want to see what is happening. Please feel free to unfriend me. I am happy to say that I am still friends with them. 

5 years ago I started this group while researching information for our needs and what to do. At first it was a public group as I was sharing the information that I was finding. I would have requests to join there was about 10 families at first. Sadly many of the Husbands and Fathers have lost their battle from prostate cancer. The women who loved them thought that they would be asked to leave the group. Only if you want to as you still have so much help to give.

Now the group has grown to over 2300 members and for privacy the group is closed. This just means that they families are willing to share personal stuff in the group and not to the public. What is the best part of the group is that everyone helps Encourage, Support and if needed Rant. We share the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Prostate Cancer.

Thank you Genomic Health

The other day I had a phone interview with Genomic Health about my story for a new website coming soon. Today these were delivered with the card.

Monday, July 18, 2016

While on Capitol Hill!

For the past 4 years Petey has been Lobbying on Capitol Hill while we are raising awareness for Prostate Cancer. One day we will really be talking Prostate Cancer Awareness with the President until then we keep hoping.

Supporters of Prostate Cancer Awareness

I have been using Zeemaps to keep track of all the Proclamations and Resolutions who are supporting Prostate Cancer Awareness month. My goal is to one day have every City, Village and Township have either a Proclamation or Resolution.

ZERO Out Prostate Cancer

Pickerington, Ohio 2016

Since last year at the Reading of the Proclamation. Prostate Cancer has touched another family!
Hi Linda,
We are happy to once again honor your request for a proclamation. Thanks for all the work you’re doing. I will get the proclamation mailed out in the next few weeks.
Take care,
Tammy Sawyer
Exec. Assistant to Mayor Lee Gray

Medina, Ohio 2016

Thank you Council of Medina for the passage of Resolution #94-16!

Tiffin, Ohio 2016

Linda, We do have a proclamation ready to go and will be read at the September 6th city council meeting. I have forwarded your email onto the city council
members and to the Mayor. Thank you, Judy

Judy Ryder
Administrative Assistant
51 E. Market Street
Tiffin, OH 44883

Saturday, July 16, 2016

North Ridgeville, Ohio 2016


I never would have thought that what I have been doing with Prostate Cancer would make an impact on others. I am Thankful for all of my contacts on Capitol Hill and at the Ohio Statehouse for your support in raising awareness for prostate cancer. And the countless Mayors and Council Members who I am friends with on FB and have also supported me in your communities. You can not imagine how much it means to me and the prostate cancer Survivors throughout the Country.
The opportunity doing interviews for publications and videos with ZERO The End Of Prostate Cancer about our Journey. And to be Honored with the Edward C. Kaps Hope Award in 2012 from Us TOO International. When I do things I am not doing it for just me I am always thinking of those who are still battling on their Journey. It is for those who has lost their battle and still have a story to tell.
After Ray was diagnosed I took the Urologist advice. Become students and learn everything you can about prostate cancer. That is what I have been doing since 2009. I had so much information swirling in my head and wanted to share it with others. So I started a FB Group 5 years ago. I met so many wonderful Wives and Survivors. Sadly many of them have lost their battle :{ some in just a short time of meeting ion FB.They maybe be gone from this Earth but not forgotten! It is like I tell the Survivors and Wives that I meet put a face to your Journey! Write to your Elected Officials or Call them. If they are on Twitter send them a Tweet. I have many times and have gotten responses back. Some of you might know that for the past two years I have been contacting the Mayors and Council Members for a Proclamation or Resolution for their support for National Prostate Cancer Awareness month. And the support that I have gotten so far has been overwhelming. Personal letters and emails back from Mayors and Council Members has brought tears to my eyes as they have shared their Journey with me as well. It is my goal to have every City, Village and Township in Ohio support National Prostate Cancer Awareness month.
Another one of the greatest moments in my life is to have my name mentioned on the Capitol Hill Floor by Congresswoman Beatty. She share my commitment of raising awareness to Congress on our 32nd Wedding Anniversary. Ok I will admit it I cried when I seen the speech the link that they shared. She also mentioned us in her Town Hall meeting on May 3, 2016. Yes more tears as we were in the audience this time. After the meeting there were people and Survivors coming up to us and saying Thank you!
Now the Vice President is in charge of the Moon Shot to Cancer and you guessed it I will be sharing everything with him as well. I did not chose to join this Club that no man or family wants to join but I will make the best of the situation that God has given me in this life time.
WOW sorry this turned out to be a book!

Springboro, Ohio 2016

Dear Ms. Hoetger,
Mayor Agenbroad has received your request and appreciates your personal experiences and all of your efforts to raise awareness of Prostate Cancer. Mayor Agenbroad will be happy to issue a proclamation again this year declaring September Prostate Cancer Awareness month.
Thank you for contacting us; we wish you and your family well for many years to come. As requested, you will receive an original copy of the proclamation by mail in early August.
Best regards,
Lori A. Martin/Clerk of Council
City of Springboro
320 W. Central Avenue
Springboro, Ohio 45066
937-748-5789 fax

Montgomery, Ohio 2016

As we discussed previously, I will gladly have a proclamation done for you for September and send it out to you. Thank you for reaching out and good luck in your endeavors.
Connie Gaylor, Clerk of Council

Lakemore Village, Ohio 2016

I will continue to raise awareness for Prostate Cancer Awarenes. I have become so blessed to receive the support that I have the past two years.
Excerpt from the full article!
Also at the regular meeting, Council adopted a proclamation raising awareness of prostate cancer.
One in seven men will get prostate cancer during his lifetime and prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths among men, according to the proclamation.
The proclamation states that all men are at risk for prostate cancer so the village is encouraging its residents to get prostate screenings regularly, as early detection is critical for savings lives.


Kelleys Island, Ohio Agenda

See Item 12.2

Friday, July 8, 2016

Orrville, Ohio 2016

Thank you Mayor Dennis Handwrek and City of Orrville for your support  with Prostate Cancer Awareness!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Clayton, Ohio 2016

It will be read at the City Council Meeting in September!

Year two

I am continuing to raise awareness for Prostate Cancer with asking Mayors and Council Members for a Proclamation or Resolution for September. I set goals last year with how many I wanted to get in a time period. Sadly not all the goals were met. Not from a lack of trying. So this year I am Blessed when one more Mayor and Council Members send a Proclamation or Resolution in the mail. Some days it is like Christmas when I open the box and see one. And the excitement builds when there are more then one.

There will be a lot of Excitement when every City, Village and Township agrees to do one to support National Prostate Cancer Awareness month in September!

Medina, Ohio

Today I received an email and invite to the City Council meeting on Monday July 11, 2016. For the reading and passage of the Resolution for Prostate Cancer Awareness month. Unfortunately I have a prior commitment and can not attend. Mayor Hanwell said that they will send me the Resolution in the mail.

Greenville, Ohio 2016

 1st year
Thank you Mayor Michael C. Bowers and City of Greenville for your support!