Saturday, July 30, 2016

Because of you...

When we first started our Journey with prostate cancer, I felt so alone. Then I started sharing what it was like being a Caregiver and what we are going through as a Couple. I am very grateful that my husband is so open when it comes to talking about his prostate cancer.  We both feel it is so important to put a face with the disease. While doing so there are many times when I hear from other families of prostate cancer. Because of you I have started talking more! Because of you I share my story also.

It does not matter where we are if someone wants to talk about prostate cancer we will listen. I take Petey with me all the time. When we are at a restaurant and an opportunity arises for Petey to do a photo. Out he comes! Then people will see him and start talking or run the other way. Sometimes people know why a walnut and other times they get curious and ask.

If Petey gets people talking I am all for it!

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