Wednesday, June 19, 2013


This past weekend I had a Dough Raiser at Uno Chicago Grill in Pickerington and Dublin, Ohio. The Marketing Director for the Dublin restaurant wanted us to bring Petey stuff there. So we dropped off Petey stuff in Pickerington and then headed off to Dublin. When James seen the scenes that I brought for them to display he asked if I have ever auctioned any of them off. No... it is so hard to decided which one to let go. But I think if I did ever auction one off it might bring in a good amount of money for prostate cancer.
James also said I need to make one swinging from a Vine! This one is for James for all that he did for having Petey's Dough Raiser To Fight Prostate Cancer 
Uno Chicago Grill Dublin, Ohio
Thanks James!

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