Sunday, March 23, 2014

What if?

People has asked me what if someone makes walnuts like Petey and says that it was their creation. And that I can not longer make Petey.
I will never stop making Petey The Prostate Crusader aka Petey. They can take me to court and we will fight it out!
I created Petey in 2009 while sitting in a support group meeting a plain walnut was being passed around as the walnut is the size of a prostate. Well it had gotten t me and I started thinking add some eyes, hands and feet and so the next day I did just that. I have the original Petey that I made and since 2009 he has change in generation looks but he is still mine. If you have never had to deal with prostate issues you will not understand Why The Walnut! But those who have understand All To Well.
Petey has his own blog with a little help from Mom of course and posts his adventures and other important event in our lives. His blog is

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