Monday, June 16, 2014

Representative Michael Stinziano

For the past few day I have been sending out this picture along with the blurb. Help support Prostate Cancer in September. I have sent it to anyone that I can think of  Adults of course both Men and Women. In hopes of one day getting the White House to support our families in our battle with prostate cancer. 

This is an email response that I got yesterday (Father's Day) from Representative Stinziano. This morning I sent an response of my personal connection to prostate cancer. It ended up being a large email but I shared my personal connection to Prostate Cancer as he asked. 

 Thank you for sharing with me your support of the White House petition .

I will certainly review the petition and appreciate you sharing with me your personal connection to prostate cancer.  I share your support for raising awareness!

Please do not hesitate to contact me further regarding the petition or other issues I may be of service in addressing.


Michael Stinziano

State Representative

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