Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Raising Awareness for Prostate Cancer

It has been 6 years since my husband was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Prostate Cancer. After the initial shock and horror was getting under control. I had a decision of my own to make. That was to sit back and do nothing or to take control of the situation that was dealt to me as a wife. The decision was easy! I chose to do something about it. Along with creating Petey and doing a blog for him and raise awareness for Prostate Cancer.

It has been almost a year that I have been contacting Cities, Villages and Townships in Ohio asking for a Proclamation or Resolution for Prostate Cancer Awareness month in September. Prostate Cancer Awareness moth is not only a state awareness campaign it is also recognized by the President of the United States. For the past couple of years I have the signed (well stamped) Proclamation from President Barrack Obama. One day our families will also be represented with The White House turning BLUE in September. If it can be turned pink in October I don't understand why we can not have it done for our Husbands, Sons, Fathers, Uncles etc. I wish that someone from the White House would call and say YES WE WILL LIGHT THE WHITE HOUSE BLUE IN SEPTEMBER!!! Honest this time when I get a call from The White House I will not put you on Hold.  Like I did when I was volunteering at the Elementary School that my son attended at the time.
Ohio Supporting Prostate Cancer

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