Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hampton Inn stay

June 2013 we attended the Circle of Hope Picnic in Lancaster, Ohio. The theme of the picnic was to wear your cancer colors. Our cancer colors are BLUE for Prostate Cancer. Ray wore everything blue right down to the unmentionables!

The grand prize was an envelope filled with gift certificates, gift cards and food coupons. One of the gift certificates was an over night stay at the Hampton Inn in Lancaster. We used it on August 31st of course Petey had to go with us!

Look at all the fun he was having!

                Hanging out at the hot tub!

Having dinner at Deb's Corner Cafe in Lancaster. Used the gift certificate from the goodies that we got from the picnic!

Ummm....breakfast the next morning! But did Ray share with Petey? NOPE!!!!

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