Friday, October 3, 2014

Mayor Rebecca Stinchcomb Gahanna, Ohio

Would you like one that reads Prostate Cancer awareness Day in Gahanna on October 11th? I'd be happy to provide one. Do you wish it mailed or would you like to pick it up?

We could possibly light up city hall next September, but we would need to talk about that a month or two ahead of time. Does your organization provide the lights? We haven't installed such lights to do this regularly, I'm afraid.

I am copying our Public Information Manager Niel Jurist, and administrative assistant Shelly Penn on this email. They assist me with this type of request.

Shelly- can you prepare the proclamation for me? Thanks.

Linda, years ago I recorded a PSA on the radio to support Prostate Cancer Awareness.. I still hear it broadcast every once in awhile!

Becky Stinchcomb

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