Each September, the nation recognizes prostate cancer awareness month to help defeat the third leading cause of cancer deaths among men. An estimated 29,430 husbands, sons, brothers, fathers, and grandfathers will lose their lives to prostate cancer in 2018.

An Ohio resident has been hard at work to ensure that these proclamations are renewed annually. Linda Hoetger has spoken with local leaders to remind communities of the pain and suffering of prostate cancer. As a result, Mayors, Legislators, City Council Members, and Town/Village managers and County Commissioners will issue a proclamation or resolution declaring September prostate cancer awareness month.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

My Letter to the Mayor's

Dear Mayor

My name is Linda and I am the wife & caregiver of a Prostate Cancer Survivor of 5 years now, and the mom of 4 sons. When we were told the devastating news that my husband has an aggressive form of this horrible disease, we were both stunned, shocked and horrified. Even 5 years later I am still shocked, stunned and horrified that prostate cancer does not get the same support in September for Prostate Cancer Awareness Month as October does for Breast Cancer. Which it is my mission to change it in Ohio I can not do this alone that is why I am contacting all the Mayor's of Ohio for your help! For my family every month is Prostate Cancer Awareness month 24/7 365.

Last year I contacted Governor Kasich's office to inquire about a Resolution for September in Ohio. Sadly there was not one, but I asked what was need to have one written and signed. We need the text to put into the Resolution. Not a problem I contacted the person need to gather the text and sent it to the Governor's office. I am happy to say that as of September 1, 2014 in the state of Ohio the first Resolution was written and signed for Prostate Cancer Awareness Month by Governor John R. Kasich. It is time now for the cities to get involved and write and sign a Proclamation for the Prostate Cancer Community to help raise awareness for the moth of September. I grew up in the town of Whitehall, Ohio and so with the Resolution in hand I went to Mayor Maggard's office and again asked what I needed to have a a city Proclamation signed. We need a copy of the Resolution. Since then I have been sending emails to Mayor's in Ohio to be among the first to have their Cities support Prostate Cancer Awareness. Supporting cities are Whitehall, Gahanna, Reynoldsburg and also Groveport. I hope that you will also be among one of the Mayor's!

Whitehall, Ohio is the first city in Ohio to sign a Proclamation and now it is time for the other cities to get involved and support Prostate Cancer Awareness in September. My challenge to you is by next September your city will also support me in raising too!.

I would love to see your City Hall illuminated BLUE in September even for one day is a start or even the whole month would show the families of prostate cancer that We are not alone in the fight to raise awareness.

Linda Hoetger

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