Friday, September 16, 2016

Why a Walnut?

This is Petey The Prostate Crusader!
I created him late 2009 when I learned that the walnut is the size of the prostate. Our group leader passed around a plain walnut and said this is the size of a normal prostate. I have a creative brain and started thinking of what I can add to make a walnut into a Mascot. As you can see Petey was born! The one in the middle is original Petey design. Then there has been some more changes to him, by adding pipe cleaners and feet. Later on I started adding more things to him. Giving him clothes and making different scenes with him. 

Petey turned into a Adventurous little nut in his life and has shared them on this blog. As I have become visually impaired and can not make the scenes like I use to there is a Petey with a camera that he can still take pictures when he is out raising the awareness when he is with me. 

Petey with the Red, White and Blue has is his Washington, DC outfit. Each year we attend the ZERO Summit in DC and on the last day of the summit. We meet with Senators and Congress Members on Capitol Hill. Petey has been on the Hill for the past four years and now when I walk in the door of a couple of the offices.
 I hear where is Petey? 
Now I am known as Petey's Mom!

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