Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Thank you for from a Caregiver!

Thank you to all the Senators and others who have accepted my Friend Request. June 19, 2009 my life forever changed from wife to caregiver. On this day my husband and I heard those devistating words no man wants to hear. Prostate cancer! Even worse people telling you. That is the best cancer too have. Really!
Since become a caregiver I also have become a Advocate for prostate cancer awareness in Ohio and on Capitol Hill. We have been in many of your offices on the Hill sharing our Journey along with others from across the nation. We also ask that you sign the Dear Colleague letter to continue funding for the Prostate Cancer Research Program.
Thank you for listening while we are sharing. You make not understand how much it means too us!
Please sign the 2018 Prostate Cancer Research Program Senate Dear Colleague letter.

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