Wednesday, December 3, 2014

#NASASocial Media Welcome

On December 3, 2014 Ray, I and Petey were selected to attend the NASASocail Media event at the NASA Glenn Research Center,  We were to meet at the Main Gate and there we go the Yellow Badges. Then the bus would take is on the would take us to were we are to meet the others. 
My Social Media Badge that I got to keep!
This one we had to return! I wish I could have kept it but a picture will have to do.  

Waiting for the morning to begin with the Welcoming and information about the Orion Mission and other amazing facts! Being an Air Force Brat I was so amazed with all the things happening with Orion I was so lost in the learning that I did not Tweet that day. I would LOVE to return again one day for more tours of the facility!

 Thank You Kathy Zona for the wonderful opportunity to participate in the NASA Social event for Orion!

And now let the Tours begin!

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