Sunday, June 14, 2015

Ed Randall's Fans 4 The Cure

Last night was the Fans 4 The Cure game with the Columbus Clippers. Before the game the team signs the Blue Bat provided by Fans 4 The Cure and given away at the 4th Inning.  Volunteers pass out the prostate cancer information, last night I did passing out the information.

Men:  I know about Prostate Cancer. I had a test recently.
Me: What was your PSA?
Men: (SUPRISED Look)
Me: My husband is a 6 year Survivor of prostate cancer 
Men: my score was________

Then we talked a little more. At the end I Thanked them for getting checked.

Many years ago I was so quiet and shy. But look at me now!
Guys PLEASE be pro active and request a PSA test soon!

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